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Introducing MotorMouth. An easy, fun, and free app that records and tags your voice


Introducing MotorMouth. An easy, fun, and free app that records and tags your voice wherever you are. Listen in as your location comes alive with the sound of others who have left their voice nearby.

Now we’re talkin’!

Wouldn’t you love to know what’s happening where you are right now and have it be as easy as listening to the radio? Why search and sift through a maze of irrelevant information when MotorMouth automatically streams audio that was recorded around you?

MotorMouth allows users to record voiceprints at a specific location using their current location, date, and time. Then, as other MotorMouth users pass near the spot where the message was recorded, the voiceprint automatically plays! Reviews, comments, trivia, notifications, reminders, warnings, and other relevant information are played automatically; all without typing or reading.

A media app that is truly social

  • This app is perfect for learning more about where you are: wherever that may be! As you travel, nearby voiceprints are delivered and played automatically.
  • Soon, MotorMouth will include features such as “Groups”, which will allow you to define specific lists of MotorMouth users to listen to – no matter where they are located.
  • MotorMouth is completely free and available on the App Store. MotorMouth works with iOS 5 or newer, and is optimized for iOS 7.

Real voices from real people. MotorMouth allows you to:

  • Automatically stream audio clips made by MotorMouth users near your current location.
  • Leave your own voiceprints for others to hear.
  • Get the inside scoop at locations you may otherwise be unfamiliar with.
  • Share your recordings on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Eliminate the need for text searching or typing while driving.
  • Express yourself!
  • Use the new “Follow” feature to bond with celebrities by hearing them in their own voice.

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Small Business Help

sales forums everyone needs help eventually

I like the blog format that Corporate Sales Advice gives me to publish my ideas on sales training and sales consulting. Blogs like this are great resources for people learning about new subjects.

I read a lot of blogs and I make comments on a few of them (all sales related – imagine that). The blog format gives everyone a chance to expand the general knowledge of any subject.

I like to think that our Corporate Sales Advice blog will be filled with 1,000s of pages one day all related to expanding the sales profession.

There is another format out there that provides help. It is called a forum.

Sometimes people have specific questions about their business and they need knowledgable help. When you need to ask a specific question then a good old fashion web forum is still hands down the best method to get an answer to that question.

A few months ago I found a small business forum where I have been making periodic posts. The small business forum is attached to the Bank of America web site. The topics range from sales to HR, and legal to e-commerce. You can find this particular forum here:

It’s interesting to see the specific questions that small business owners need to have answered.  Blogs don’t give you that interaction that the forums provide. But blog writers do have the specific knowledge that the forum users need.

So keep writing those blog post but also visit your favorite forum as well. There  you have a chance to immediately improve another person business.

PS: These larger forums also help you with your individual SEO work as well as providing immediate help to the small business owners.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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