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SEO – What is that?

SEO - Article WritingAs a sales trainer and a sales consultant in the Greater Atlanta area I get into a lot of interesting projects. Next week I will doing a train the trainer for a new sales manager in the roofing industry.

A couple weeks after that I will be conducting a full training seminar for a company in the paper industry.

However not a day goes by where I’m not consulting someone on the topic of sales. And not a day goes by where the subject of the Internet and more specifically how to get organic rankings on the search engines.

This topics has come up so many times over the past few years that i went ahead and setup a company to help the regular people (non-tech types) reach their search engine potential.

The search engines are not all that complicated. All they really want to do is to respond to a search inquiry with relevant search results.

That’s it… if you want to learn about specific flowers then they want to give you specific flower results.

So here is what you need to be relevant to the search engines:

  1. Have a domain name that is search specific or you must have a brand name that is actually known for a product. I.E. “KFC” means “chicken” everyone knows that.
  2. Set up your website to be SEO or Search Engine friendly. Title tags, alt tags, Heading tags all have to spell out the keywords that you are trying to be known for.
  3. Have content on your web page that is also keyword specific. Search Engines want, no they need, content.
  4. Have very LARGE web sites point into towards you. And have those LARGE  web sites write about the keywords that you are trying to be known for.

Okay, numbers 1 through 3 are basic SEO functions that your On-Site webmaster should be doing on a daily basis. Number 4 is a total different matter. It takes many, many articles to make you the “subject matter” expert on particular keywords. 1 or 2 articles per month will not do it. You may need hundreds on a particular subject.

Now a days that is not really a problem. You just need to hire a PR agency just like the big websites do. Luckily there are a lot of companies that write articles. Atlanta Internet Marketing is one of those company. They can produce 120 articles/press releases/blog posts/etc on all large websites to make you the subject matter expert on the keywords you desire.

Large companies have had PR agencies writing for them for years. That’s why they are #1, #2, or #3 on Google’s organic search. Hire you own PR agency. It really isn’t expensive and you will be amazed at the keyword phrases that are within reach of your marketing budget.

David Peterson: President of Atlanta Sales and Consulting

Small Businesses Need Leads

Atlanta Internet MarketingI have a member of my local Chamber of Commerce for about a year. On top of that I am also a member of a few other network group including an inventors group.

I would say that I do spend a tremendous amount of time networking.

Networking is a great place to find leads, however being in the sales training and consulting business like I am for a number of businesses it may not produce enough leads.

Some businesses need to cast a wider net. As an example my own Sales Training in Atlanta classes need a larger net than just the Chamber of Commerce. The reason, most of these businesses are fairly small in terms of the number of sales representatives employed.

The Chamber is an excellent source for me to find vendors. I have found a bunch of vendors that are now doing everything from producing my business cards to checking on the insurance premiums for my local Home Owners Association.

But for producing leads to support my Sales Training in Atlanta that particular group isn’t a great fit. Also I have notice that a lot of the members understand this point… most local business need more leads.

The traditional place for local lead generation has been the yellow pages, but with so many people turning to the web for everyday products and services the old yellow pages is quickly losing its luster.

The new tool for local lead production is local search. Local search is a method of Search Engine Optimization or SEO that allows your website to be found when someone types in a service you provide in your local area.

As an example here is one that my Atlanta Internet Marketing company produced for a Remodeler in Lawrenceville, GA. I created a site called and then submitted it to The result… my local customer in Lawrenceville is now #1 on that search term.  Google and Bing will ultimately pick up on this keyword search term as well.

It takes time to produce a good local leads using SEO practices but it can be done and should be done as the Internet quickly replaces the phone book and its yellow pages.

Stop Wasting Time and Money With Your Article Marketing

Copyright (c) 2010 Bill Platt
the Phantom Writers

Online marketers are always arguing for or against the value of article marketing. Many will argue that article marketing could provide real traffic and sales to ones’ website, and furthermore, article submission has the potential to offer some serious SEO value to the marketers’ websites. Many more will tell you that article marketing is an utter waste of time and money…

The difference between those who do well with article marketing and those who do not is usually a matter of education, or lack thereof…

Those who succeed with article marketing generally know a few things that others don’t, and just as importantly, these people understand the nature of the article marketing landscape.

Those who fail with article marketing do so for a number of reasons, although most importantly, the reason for failure is rooted in a lack of knowledge about how to truly make article marketing work for them, and the lack of understanding about an always shifting landscape of article marketing.

Other reasons many online marketers fail with article marketing:

* They think that one article is a good test of the technique. Even the greatest baseball player in history (Ty Cobb) only batted .367, which is just a hair over one hit for every three “at bats”.

Even the professional article marketers, who have a track record of making hundreds of thousands of dollars with article marketing, do not produce winners at the same level as Ty Cobb provided hits… There are no article marketers who hit it out of the park every time… As with anything else in life, article marketing success is dictated by the Law Of Averages.

So consider this: If the professional article writers do not hit it out of the park with every article, what makes YOU think that your one article is a “good test” of the technique?

* People suppose that since article marketing is a method of advertising, then they should “advertise” in their articles. But, it does not work that way. People want information, so in articles, we give them the information that they want. All advertising should be reserved for the Authors’ Resource Box that follows the article – this is also where you will place your anchor text links, to influence your websites’ rankings in the search engines.

* Press Releases are for sharing news about your company. Articles are for sharing information that people want to know. In your press release, you should mention the name of your company / website inside the main body of text. But with articles, you should only mention your company / website in the Authors’ Resource Box.

* If people will not want to read your article, reputable publishers will not want to publish your article. The Always Shifting Landscape Websites that are willing to accept your articles directly fall into two categories:

* Those who will publish anything; and

* Those who have editorial standards and are very selective about the articles they are willing to accept from marketers…

Those who will publish anything generally find it difficult to attract repeat visitors… Therefore, they find that attracting visitors is a struggle that never ends.

This results in websites that do not provide profits to the website owner… How many websites do you own where you will keep pumping money into them, once you have come to the realization that those websites will never turn a profit for you?

New website owners will frequently prepay up to two years of domain registration and web hosting. As you can imagine, if after two years the website has never turned a profit, the site will close when its registration expires.

The other side of this coin is that if the website is not earning money, the website owner will frequently quit working on it, well before the website expires… So if it is an article directory, don’t be surprised when you realize that the website works, but no one is home to approve your article submissions…

Those webmasters, who do have editorial standards, find attracting and keeping visitors to be much easier… And as a result, they find that earning a profit is not only realistic, but it is a way of life…

Article Directories that have editorial standards, like Ezine Articles, will continue to be around for a very long time. Chris Knight has owned and operated at a profit since November of 1999, and so long as he continues to exercise his perogative to have editorial standards, you can bet that he will continue to attract repeat visitors and to earn a profit from his website.

Quality information is the key to the survival of websites and to writing articles that will stand the test of time, delivering a lifetime of traffic and sales.

Here Today… Gone Tomorrow…

If for one minute, you rely on websites that will publish anything, to make your article marketing campaigns work for you, then you will find that most of your article submission efforts will be wasted…

The owners of a vast majority of the Article Directories are not even approving the articles that have been submitted to them…

And even if they are approving articles, most of those websites that will accept your article submissions will close within two years, due to a lack of profits, resulting from a lack of editorial standards on the part of the website owner.

The vast majority of websites, which accept articles from the public, stop approving articles within just a few months…

Thereafter, when the domain expires, the website and your articles on it will disappear into the dust bin of history…

In Conclusion…

If you focus only on you or your products / website in your articles, then you will have no one to blame for your failure, but you…

But, if you focus on providing your readers information that they can use and will enjoy reading, then your article marketing campaigns could provide the level of success to you that you seek, just as it has provided success to the many authors, whose names you know and websites you recognize by name…

My name is Bill Platt. If you enjoyed this article and found it useful, then you will love my newest ebook titled,
“How To Use Article Marketing To Positively Impact Your SEO Efforts”. It is 70-pages of hard-hitting information about how to make your article marketing truly profitable. Or, you can get warmed up with my free “Article Marketing: Beyond The Basics” ebook at: