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Monthly Bill Organization Used To Be Simple

It used to be simpler… Back-in-the-day when people used to write checks paying the monthly bills seamed a lot simpler. Here was the procedure: 

  • The bills came in the mail (we call that snail mail today)
  • You opened them
  • You filed them according to due date
  • You wrote all of the checks maybe twice a month in the evening
  • You then placed the checks in the provided envelopes
  • You wrote the due date on the back of the envelopes
  • You doubled checked to make sure you put the right check in the right envelope,  quickly sealing the envelope after the double check
  • You put the stamps on the envelopes so they were immediately ready to get into the mail
  • Then you waited until the due date?
  • You mailed it on the date it was DUE, probably floating a few days of credit due to the actual delivery of the mail

Floating checks was a cool benefit of the olden days but I’ll trade that for modern online banking any day. Just the thought of not having to balance a checkbook is worth it. 

What I really liked about the olden days was that you only got letters or monthly bills in the mail, maybe you got an occasional catalogue.  On top of that you always knew which bills would be coming and how much they would be. Maybe you got 10 pieces of mail a month.

Not today, it probably feels more like 100 pieces of mail, mostly junk mail arrive to your snail mail box every single month.

Today your monthly bills are probably all mixed up. You get some of them via snail mail, some via email. If you want your monthly bills to be organized again just like those simpler times my advice is for you to get one dedicated email address, dedicated to JUST BILLS.

Don’t give out this new email address to anyone but your vendors. Keep it a secret. Don’t give it to your sister, your mother, your Facebook friends, not to anyone but your vendors.

Here is a service that does just that. Check out As the name implies here is a service for JUST BILLS.