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Look at all of these prospects

Georgia Sales Consultant: CRM and ProspectsThis is an excellent topic to write about, especially since it is the beginning of the New Year.

Is your CRM so full of prospects that you don’t know who to call or why you are supposed to be calling them?

Or even better did your sales manager make everyone “clean” out their personal CRMs just before the holidays started?

Something tells me that both of those 2 scenarios happened or are happening today.

As a Georgia Sales Consultant one of the 1st things I look at when visiting a client is their CRM tool.

Salesforce, Saleslogics, ACT! and a host of other CRM types of tools are terrific but… it goes back to garbage in, garbage out. Leads, prospects, opportunities, customers, and vendors are great titles but if you don’t know who’s who in the zoo – well then you may want to start applying a little discipline to these tools.

You know I’m talking to you. Experience tells me that your CRM is having the same problem as the person sitting next to you. You both have about 15 “prospects” to call today but you really have no idea why you placed them as a call today.

In fact since you don’t know why you placed them as a call today I bet you are just going to advance them to a call tomorrow or next week sometime.

Here’s some professional advice from a professional sales consultant (you get this one for free):

Always close for some action. That action may be the actual deal closing or it may be just setting up the next call. But never, never ever leave a prospect dangling. This just leads to confusion.

For a prospect to remain in the sales process we have to know where they are in the process. Otherwise you have to start the process all over.

So if you opened up your ACT! this morning and saw 15 prospects to call and you can’t really remember any of them maybe you should reclassify these as leads and start over.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

Georgia Sales Consultant