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Emergency Call Center

In business you never know what’s going to happen; case in point – look at the Cypress Banking Crisis happening right now. The phone lines at those institutions are no doubt ringing off the hook.

Whatever the crisis:

  • Severe Weather
  • Denial of Service
  • Website Down
  • Product Tampering
  • Sex Scandal
  • C – Level Replacement
  • Product Recall

Whatever the issue the only thing that you know is going to happen is that something will eventually go wrong. Where do you turn when your phone starts ringing off the hook and you can’t handle the internal call volume?

Turn to Proactive Call Centers. This company provides emergency call center service. They can be up and running within 24 hrs with a bilingual English/Spanish crew. They are professional, caring, and empathetic to your customers needs.

Not only does Proactive Call Centers offer inbound emergency call center service they offer outbound customer retention for short term emergency purposes. When your company finds itself in a little trouble and your phone is ringing off the hook visit

Here is a quick youtube video on the service