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David Peterson - Atlanta Sales

I am David Peterson the President of Atlanta Sales and Consulting.  I have been writing about sales, sales management, and sales training for years. For some odd reason this is my 1st blog on the topic.

I have over 20+ years of sales and sales management experience. 1/2 of my experience is running a region for an outside consumer sales company and the other 1/2 is running an inside sales staff. Personally once I found out that people will give you money over the phone I took a real liking to that sales process. My largest sale ever was over the phone and was for over $100,000. As of this posting I still haven’t formally met the individual who purchased from me.

Enough about me… the Corporate Sales Advice blog was created to give as many sales professionals as possible a place to disseminate their own ideas. I don’t want the be the only person posting to this blog. I will set you up as an author if you would like to add your own posts. As an author you could easily link back to your own web site.

Let’s Build Corporate Sales Advice together!

David Peterson

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