The Angry Poos are back and hotter than ever!


The Angry Poos are back and hotter than ever! Angry Poo 2 – Escape From Uranus gets released into the Android Market

DALLAS, TX – September 13, 2013 – The Angry Poo Space saga continues on as everyone’s favorite unlikely space heroes are back for an all new zany adventure.

The newest installment of the hilarious independently developed Android game ‘Angry Poo Space’ surprisingly resulted in the developer’s success story featured in an article published on the Samsung Developers website earlier this year. It promises all new action packed game play in a flaming race to space. Angry Poo 2 – Escape From Uranus returns players to the Poos quest to reach the planet Poo-Topia and escape the cold ceramic clutches of King Loo and his villainess toilet army!

Disaster strikes as Flamer Poo finds himself separated from his gang of brown buddies and stranded on the planet Uranus. To make matters worse he’s been spotted by the evil King Loo who is bound and determined to catch him and Flush him up.  How on earth are you supposed to get away without even having a pair of Tiny Wings to help you fly?  Luckily you’re now on Uranus which is a world full of beautiful colored hills.  You must use these hills to gain speed and flame up, then you’ll feel like you can fly.  Just use the simple one touch game controls to help Flamer Poo escape from Uranus and reunite him with his fart powered friends so they can travel to Poo-Topia and beyond!

Angry Poo 2 – Escape from Uranus delivers all the hilarious sound effects, animation and downright inappropriate fun of the original game, in a completely different yet familiar style of game play.

You can find the original Angry Poo Space in addition to Angry Poo 2 – Escape from Uranus for free in the Android App Store.  Both of the apps will work on all Android devices running OS 2.2 or later.

Fans can also get their fix of inappropriate witty humor out of Angry Poo via Social Media by connecting with them on Facebook ( and Twitter (@Angrypoospace) as well as the website at

Just when you thought life could get back to normal – the Angry Poos are back and this time it’s Poo-sonal!

About the Developer:
Nicholas Grant is an Indie iOS & Android App Developer with published projects now spread across multiple App markets. He released his first game in 2011 using the open source iOS based framework called Cocos2D.  Since then he created several other iOS titles in both the iOS App Store as well as the iOS jailbroken market known as Cydia.  The purpose of his games should be remarkably obvious.  The goal is to make you laugh out loud like a kid again.

With the help of a Samsung Apps sponsored developer program he ported many of his iOS games over to the Android Platform with the help of the Stella SDK.  The Samsung sponsored developer program aimed to aid successful iOS Developers port their apps over to the Android market, and publish them in the Samsung Apps for Android. His success using this tool to port over his game Angry Poo Space resulted in an article getting published by Samsung Developers in January 2013.  This also led to Angry Poo Space getting featured in over 20 Samsung Apps markets last March.  This helped the game become a true success story and reach the Samsung Apps #1 position in several categories in 16 countries including the US.

Media Contact:
Nicholas Grant
The Indie App Cartel, LLC
Dallas, TX


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