Solar Energy = Savings

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We would assume by now that your business has done just about everything it can to lower its electrical costs. Considering electric bills are rising at around 6% a year you probably need to do something right now.

By now your plant manager has probably replaced the warehouse lighting to new efficient bulbs or at least looking at the new LED lighting options. They have probably put the office lights on a timer, put remote light sensors in for individual offices, powered down all the computers during non working hours. You have probably turned up the thermostat in the summer and lowered it to 68 in the winter. Sealed up all drafts in the building and are hammering your local utility energy representative to manage your electric rate plan more effectively.

In the solar energy world we call this “Low Hanging Fruit.” All of the above are the energy efficiency items that should be done, need to be done if you are going to lower your energy costs. What’s Next?

Next is Solar Energy!

Most of the energy efficiency projects listed above have a very quick payoff. That’s why your plant manager focused on them first. Each of the above projects has a marginal effect on your energy bill. As an example your lighting retrofit saves about 30% of energy on every light you convert but maybe you don’t have enough lights¬†to make a big dent in the bill or you didn’t notice the savings. You know it works, its just not noticeable.

Solar Energy is one of those products you can purchase that allows you to DECIDE how much energy you want to offset. Basically the more panels you put on your roof or into the ground next to your factory the more energy you offset. To put it in perspective in the Tallahassee, Fl area a 1MW solar plant takes only about 6 acres yet it will offset 1,314,609 KWH AC of energy per year – that is 1,314MWH/yr!

I’m not sure if you could replace enough lights to equal that amount.

Corporate Sales Advice has been studying solar energy in the North Floridia area, specifically Tallahassee, Fl. We just want to point out that YES solar energy works in Tallahassee but actually New Jersey & New York have more solar energy installed than FL. The point is solar works everywhere in the United States!

If you want to know more about solar energy or find a Tallahassee Solar Installer visit They have a lot of information on tax and utility solar incentives for that area and can find you a great solar installer.

In the meantime do all of the low hanging energy efficient project now. When you are finished consider solar energy.

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