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When you run a small business there are no shortages of “Gotchas!” that creep up around every corner. One of the ways to keep the Gotchas! from getting out of hand is to stay organized. Organizational skills are the key to knowing what is happening in your business.

The area that probably needs the most attention is in the bookkeeping department. Just the sheer amount of paperwork that needs to be completed to file your quarterly taxes is enough to drive most small business people batty. Add in the amount of mail that comes into your office and I bet you find yourself wondering how to stay on top of it all.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. I bet you rarely mail things today, maybe a bill here or there. Most modern accounting programs allow you to email your invoices. In the future you can bet most company’s will skip the postage and opt for electronic mail.

Receiving invoices via email and paying those emails through your banks Bill-Pay features is a real time saver and it keeps you organized. As your bills come in your can immediately file them in your electronic vendor files. Never loose a paper bill again!

The same applies to your personal life as well. Every company wants you to go paperless. What they really want to do is stop the snail mail which cost them real money in printing, handling, and the postage on all of those bills. The difference between getting electronically organized using email in your business and your home is that your company has a permanent email address. That email address should really never change – unless you change your business name why would you change your email at your address?

On the flipside you may have only one business email address but I be you have 5 personal email addresses all meant to be “permanent” that you set up at different times. You probably have a yahoo email, a gmail email, and aol email and a host of others you have forgotten about.

I think I found a way out of this email mess of multiple permanent emails, get an email address specifically for bills. Here’s one it’s called The object of BillsOnly is simple, create one family email address that you know will only receive bills. Contact your gas company, mortgage, electric company, car loan, lawn service, and credit card company and give them this new email address. Then on the 15th and 30th of every month log-in and see who’s sent you a bill. Pay them and drop the paid emails into folders to keep them forever.

To stay organized don’t give out that email address to anyone but a vendor or service provider that bills your family.

Even though would work for businesses to help them get organized the concept is the same. In a business you use your one business email address to receive your electronic invoices. In your personal life you need that same one permanent address to recieve your bills for the next 50 years. Check out

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