The Lost Art of Closing a Sale

Sales Training Atlanta Closing SalesIn today’s world, certainly in the last 20 to 25 years the focus in selling has been on the “consultative sales approach” for closing more business.

I don’t disagree with thisĀ  this type of approach. It revolves around carrying on a dialogue with your prospects. The idea is to do more listening and less talking. Keep the customer conversing with you on what they need and then in theory…Wham o – the deal should just close itself.

If done right then a skillful salesperson can probably get the deal to “just close.” After all the prospect spent the last few hours, days, month and/or years telling you exactly what they need and why your type of product will serve their needs.

But for some reason, even with your product you didn’t get the deal or worse the prospect STILL has the same pain they had when you began the process.

Here’s the problem with people who use the consultative sales approach as a crutch, those that are always expecting the deal to close automatically:

Prospects are people and people in general HATE making decisions.

So to make it a little clearer, you may have the exact product that is needed but usually your competitor has a similar product as well. So which one of the two consultative sellers did the prospect buy from?

The one who actually closed the deal!

I am not abandoning the consultative sales approach. What I am saying is that a lot of salespeople are using it today. So if you get two salespeople with similar products, one of the two still has to close the prospect into a customer.

Have you lost the “art of closing?” Here’s my favorite way to tell… One of the homework assignments I give in my Sales Training classes in Atlanta, GA is: Will you write down the two closing statements you used last week.

You get some pretty interesting answers, but typically none of those answers are real closing statements. Learning to close could significantly increase your revenue next year.

David Peterson – Sales Expert:

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