SEO – What is that?

SEO - Article WritingAs a sales trainer and a sales consultant in the Greater Atlanta area I get into a lot of interesting projects. Next week I will doing a train the trainer for a new sales manager in the roofing industry.

A couple weeks after that I will be conducting a full training seminar for a company in the paper industry.

However not a day goes by where I’m not consulting someone on the topic of sales. And not a day goes by where the subject of the Internet and more specifically how to get organic rankings on the search engines.

This topics has come up so many times over the past few years that i went ahead and setup a company to help the regular people (non-tech types) reach their search engine potential.

The search engines are not all that complicated. All they really want to do is to respond to a search inquiry with relevant search results.

That’s it… if you want to learn about specific flowers then they want to give you specific flower results.

So here is what you need to be relevant to the search engines:

  1. Have a domain name that is search specific or you must have a brand name that is actually known for a product. I.E. “KFC” means “chicken” everyone knows that.
  2. Set up your website to be SEO or Search Engine friendly. Title tags, alt tags, Heading tags all have to spell out the keywords that you are trying to be known for.
  3. Have content on your web page that is also keyword specific. Search Engines want, no they need, content.
  4. Have very LARGE web sites point into towards you. And have those LARGEĀ  web sites write about the keywords that you are trying to be known for.

Okay, numbers 1 through 3 are basic SEO functions that your On-Site webmaster should be doing on a daily basis. Number 4 is a total different matter. It takes many, many articles to make you the “subject matter” expert on particular keywords. 1 or 2 articles per month will not do it. You may need hundreds on a particular subject.

Now a days that is not really a problem. You just need to hire a PR agency just like the big websites do. Luckily there are a lot of companies that write articles. Atlanta Internet Marketing is one of those company. They can produce 120 articles/press releases/blog posts/etc on all large websites to make you the subject matter expert on the keywords you desire.

Large companies have had PR agencies writing for them for years. That’s why they are #1, #2, or #3 on Google’s organic search. Hire you own PR agency. It really isn’t expensive and you will be amazed at the keyword phrases that are within reach of your marketing budget.

David Peterson: President of Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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