Immediate Positive Sales Results

Sales Training AtlantaThat’s quite a headline… “Immediate Positive Sales Results” One of the ways to achieve those positive results is through sales training.

As a Sales Trainer in Atlanta I’m a little biased. I believe that if you train your sales reps and do daily coaching then you should be good to go. The training give them their baseline knowledge of your sales process and the sales coaching allows your to “inspect what you expect.”

A lot of sales trainers are franchise holders of one of the many large sales training groups in America. These sales trainers purchase their material which is generated on a national basis – basically one size fits all approach.

I have attended many of these, and as I have written before any training from a competent sales trainer is better than no training at all.

However I have noted before that many times the representatives leave the training, practice what was taught for a couple of hours and then go back to what they were doing before. Then they start griping that the sales training was worthless.

When I got into the sales training business in Atlanta, Georgia I wanted to make sure that I was training to the representatives needs.

Look at it this way, we teach to “sell to solve needs,” why don’t we “teach to solve needs?”

My approach is to interview everyone I can get my hands on. Spend several hours learning what is needed and then devise a sales training course to solve the representatives current problems. My sales training in Atlanta courses are designed to fix what is broken, and to fix it today!

If you fix what is broken in your sales process you will succeed in closing more business. Focus your sales training like I do on what you can fix today to be more successful.

David Peterson: President of Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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