Did you leave something behind?

Conducting classes on sales training in Atlanta, GA I get a chance to hear and see a variety of sales techniques. I have mentioned before that often times these techniques are lacking some basic fundamentals. This isn’t to say that everyone is lacking the fundamentals but on average or collectively there are a few things that most average reps miss.

Here’s one: Did you leave something behind on your last sales call?

There is an entire industry dedicated to you leaving something behind. This industry is huge, typically made up of small mom and pop shops that cater to local businesses. The industry is called… Advertising Specialty.

The entire industry is built on the premise that you  need to leave something behind in order to be remembered.

Now salespeople in general can be a bit arrogant and they often think that their 1st impression is enough to guarantee a callback. I beg to differ.

USB Flash MemoryIt’s not that the sales call didn’t go well, it could have gone terrific. But in the hectic world we live in today the purchasing manager you just met might remember that you had a solution to his/her problem but that is about all they remembered.

Here’s a great example to prove that point, how many follow up calls have you made in which you find yourself starting at the beginning of the conversation. As an ex-sales manager I know I have heard enough of them. So leave something behind to help you be remembered.

These don’t have to be expensive they just have to be useful. One of my favorites is USB Flash Memory. These  littleWater Bottle Carrier devices run around $10/each for a 1GB model and everyone needs them. If $10 is a bit much try a Water Bottle Carrier. These little things run around $3 each and secure your water bottle while you are exercising. What makes advertising specialty items terrific is… you get to place your logo, phone number and web address on EACH unit.

On your next sales call leave something behind. You, your company and your products need to standout. If you have a marketing budget try one of these advertising specialty items.

David Peterson: President Atlanta Sales and Consulting. He conducts classes on sales training in Atlanta, GA.

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