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Sales Leads - Local SearchThere is a new trend happening (well not all that new).  I have been hearing about it at my networking events and reading about it on various blogs and recorded webinars.

It is called local search which translates into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for local companies.

Certainly SEO is not new. Local contractors and business owners have been doing it for years. Depending on the SEO company chosen to do the work the results have been mixed.

If you have been trying to sell a Search Engine Optimization job lately you have probably heard words like….

  • “I have been burned in the past.”
  • “Cost too much.”
  • “No results from my past experiences.”
  • Worked for a while.”
  • “Not cost-effective.”

The list of why not to do a local SEO projects grows longer as more companies enter into the space.

What is new is the number of “PROFESSIONALS” entering this field. As an example Ad Zoo is basically an MLM focusing on local PPC search. They do a great job of getting you to the top of page one by just managing your PPC budget and tying it to a specific geographic location. Now you and I can do this without them but local business people don’t have the time to spend learning these PPC systems and why should they when we could do it.

The newest trend is lead production using organic search. These types of companies are terrific for the local businesses because they only get paid if they produce a local lead! So they assume all of the risk and they spend all of the money needed to get a site listed and maintained on the major search engines. One such company is Atlanta Internet Marketing Company.

Here is a company that either a posts a local website to generate leads for your local business or they will manage your PPC campaign for you.

There is hope for local business owners. This new class of professional lead generators could greatly help your bottom line and increase your sales.

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