Mary Kay Sales Training

Mary Kay Sales TrainingMillions of women around the world use and sell Mary Kay cosmetic products.

Most probably start out as users of the product. They like the quality, and how the products make them look and feel.

And then there is that Mary Kay Independent Representative that is so helpful…

                    “I bet I could be just as helpful!”

Just when the lady is thinking that exact thought the Mary Kay Independent Representative says… “Have you thought about being a Mary Kay salesperson?”

The marriage begins. The first meeting is attended and the product training flows in at an enormous rate. One thing is clear about Mary Kay Independent Representatives – they know and use their products!

After about 4 weeks of product training our new representative begins to venture out on her own. Sales come in but then, then something happens to her that was unexpected. For her and a sizable amount of these new salespeople their sales begin to drop off or become non-existent altogether.

Quickly and finally the new sales reps just fade away from their independent businesses due to lack of sales.

Mary Kay Directors are excellent at recruiting and product training. To keep these new independent representatives engage in the sales process they also have to teach how to sell the product.

Sales is about the customer and what the customer is thinking at that moment, not the location of the next host party.

Here is an article to support this exact point. Directors spend so much time on recruiting and product training yet the turnover of representatives can be a daunting task to get under control.

My advice set up some professional sales training. Or if you need more convenience attend an online or web based sales training so you can learn the fundamentals of sales and pass that along to your own recruits.

Web based sales training can be found here…

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