Athletes Use Steroids – Entrepreneurs Use This

Years ago, I saw a seminar where the presenter was saying the only difference between where you are now and where you want to be is knowledge.

His argument was that if Bill Gates lost all his money tomorrow… he could get right back up there again quickly because he had knowledge which people would pay for.

Well, I kind of agree with that.

And I kinda don’t.

Because I know plenty of people who have heaps of knowledge that aren’t raking in the cash because they don’t take the right action and don’t have the right mindset.

I believe knowledge is to entrepreneurs what steroids are to athletes – only it is good for you and has no side effects.

But they both give you an unfair advantage.

Of course, even if an athlete takes steroids, if he doesn’t take action or have the right mindset – he’s not going to win.

So I would say the 3 things successful entrepreneurs have in common (and I’ve met plenty of them ) are…

  • Knowledge
  • Action
  • And mindset
    However today I want to talk about the knowledge problem and how it holds us back.Now there are a few problems which exist in business. And they generally revolve around people… systems and money.Let’s look at people… if you can’t get the right staff, you probably have a knowledge problem in terms of not knowing how to attract them… how to set up systems so you have developed relationships with potential staff members before you need them… how to set your company up as “the place everyone wants to work at” and so on.

    If you can’t get things done because you are always doing $15 an hour work, you have a knowledge problem. And you need to learn how to set up systems so everyone else does this work and you can focus on what you do best. (if you haven’t read Michael Gerber’s E-Myth, I highly recommend it).

    Make sense?

    And it’s the same with money problems.

    If you can’t get more customers, you have a knowledge problem –

    If you can’t get your ads to work, you have a knowledge problem –

    While knowledge may be the total solution. And while there are plenty of people out there with lots of knowledge and little to show for it… if you combine knowledge with action and the right mindset, you have an unbeatable combination.

    So go and learn something 😉

    Scott Bywater

    P.S. Please note, I am not encouraging the use of steroids in any shape or form – simply trying to make a point that in business it’s easy to get an unfair advantage without breaking the rules.


    Scott Bywater is a successful direct response copywriter and heads up Copywriting That Sells, a direct response advertising firm. Want to learn how to get more customers – then get your hands on his popular 17 page ebook “7 ways To Increase Your Turnover… No Matter What The State Of The Economy.” It’s been downloaded by over 8,247 business owners over the past five years and you can get your hands on it now at

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