Direct Marketing Sales Training

Mary Kay, Avon, Direct Marketing Sales TrainingDirect Marketing is a term that draws fear into those who are beginning their sales career. Everyone has heard of a disaster story. This MLM didn’t work or that Avon sales representative who just gave up.

And when they give up, when the sales fail to materialize haven’t you noticed that it always the companies fault. They didn’t do this, or they didn’t do that.

MLM’s, Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, Amway, you name it there are many, many Direct Marketing Firms that are solid companies that are worth joining.

However, my contention is that it is probably the companies fault. When I said it is probably the companies fault here’s my point:

You can’t and I mean can’t take a person off the street and expect them to just start selling. Occasionally you will run into “just the right” person that through their own sheer will can get it done but most ordinary people joining Avon, Mary Kay or any Direct Marketing firm need some sales training help.

Probably the best method to get that type of direct marketing sales training is through e-Learning. I’m not opposed, in fact I would rather have these new, green salespeople in one of my 2-day sales seminars but I understand the expense and time that those types of classes demand.

e-Learning is a method where the new Mary Kay representative or Avon associate can learn the basics of selling to the public.

These new, green salespeople tend to fail when they run out of “friends and family” and have to start selling to the general public.

e-Learning will teach them the basics AND will teach them that it is okay for someone not to want or need your product. However, e-Learning sales training will definitely teach the new direct marketing salesperson that if you stay on task and keep to the sales process you will succeed.

The best part of e-Learning is that it is inexpensive and can be done in short 1 hour time frames!

Good luck to all direct marketing salespeople including the newest Mary Kay or Avon representatives. Keep e-Learning sales training in mind – it can definitely help you succeed.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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