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Sales ConsultingI love my job. My mission statement says “…provide immediate sales results…” When I walk into a new business I get a chance to tweak their sales process just enough to do just that.

I get to make an immediate positive sales impact on their business.

What make me especially good at my job is my 25+ years of sales, sales training and especially sales management experience. There is rarely a time when I can’t look at a company’s sales process and pick out the areas that can easily be tweaked.

I was doing just that this week when towards the end of the meeting the business owner was making detailed notes and he was inserting his words into my process. It dawned on me that I wasn’t clear in what I was saying.

He substituted the word “qualify” for “probing questions.” 

“Let’s qualify the prospect to make sure they can purchase our product.”

That’s great and definately needed but that doesn’t mean that they WILL buy your product. That is where the salesmanship comes into play. There is a difference between qualifying questions and probing questions. Qualifying is a fundamental task, probing questions are part of the actual sales process. Just that small tweak, that understanding that there is a difference is why many companies need a sales consultant.

Business owners and C-level executives get stuck on what they perceive is ultimately important. Typically they are right they need this particular information – HOWEVER that is not the “end-all, be-all” of the conversation.

Just this small tweak delivered by a Georgia Sales Consultant can make the difference of converting a prospect to a customer:

“Prospects become customers for their own reasons not yours.”

I love my job.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

Atlanta Sales Consultant / Georgia Sales Consultant

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