Can you trust a salesperson?

Can you trust a salesperson - Atlanta Sales TrainingIf you are a regular reader of this blog you will know my motto which is

Sales is a process and that process can be taught!

So I believe that every person with a few needed characteristics, some energy and tenacity should be able to succeed in sales.

So why is it that so many salespeople fail? They can be good listeners, very good at describing their products. They can follow the sales process all the way to the close and still not get the sale.

When this happens enough times the salesperson rightly so starts 2nd guessing themselves, their product, and their company. Ultimately they just move on.

They move on to another product and/or a new company and the whole process starts over – they become adequate or worse they fail again.

You have probably met this salesperson yourself. They are on their 9th job in 15 years. They appear to be great at their  job. That is why they get so many opportunities to move on to new challenges.

Again my view is that salespeople can be trained. People are not necessarily born to sell, they have to learn the skill set. That is what I teach in my Atlanta Sales Training classes. The sales process and how that process if followed can make them successful.

If they continue to fail after following the sales process then it boils down to one major point. Look at the picture above – Is this person ready to buy? The answer is obviously no.

She is missing the “trust” factor. While trying to build rapport the sales representative missed one of the fundamental tasks that must be accomplished around each phase fo the process. In this case the rep failed to build trust in himself, which leads to mistrust in his company and product.

People buy from people they trust!

The only exception to that fundamental rule is when they are “held at gunpoint,” or “over a barrel” and they have to buy. Stuck on the side of the road with a car repair is a good example or being held at gun point.

Other than that if you fail to build trust you will not complete the sale. So the next time you run into that salesperson that is on their 9th job in 15 years, help them out a little bit, talk to them about building trust on every step in the sales process.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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