Ha – I was going to buy it

Sales Consultant Georgia, I tried to buy it.Here’s a little known fact, actually it is a well-known fact that is just plain ignored most of the time:

If you let them people will buy the items that you offer. It may not happen every single time that you offer it but it will happen. Just keep offering your goods and services and someone, at sometime, will buy it!

Here’s is a real life situation that happened to me just yesterday. I went to get my oil changed at one of the nationally branded oil change businesses. These companies have been around since the 1970’s, and these days they do much more than just oil changes. 

These days they can do almost any simple maintenance from greasing the transaxle, to changing a wiper blade. And if you go to the same one enough times they know what you need.

You probably know this drill, I went in for an oil change and an emissions check. A few minutes later the technician starts walking towards me with his clipboard. I know what he wants, he’s going to offer me a plethora of other services. 

I’m in sales and I even hate to see these guys walking towards me. You know on that clipboard are the things that I’m supposed to be doing to this car. There was one item that I was going to give him today even before he opened his mouth. I know that I need to change the transmission fluid.

As a Sales Consultant working in Georgia I can’t help but critique these selling situations. And this one was bad. Here’s how it went down…

Salesperson: “The manufacturer recommends that you change the transmission fluid every “x” amount of miles. It’s been “x+” so you need to do it. We have two services one that drains and fills for $39.99 and one that drains, fills, and flushes for $99.99.”

Me: “So what’s the difference again?” (I couldn’t understand him he was mumbling and  looking down at his clipboard as he spoke.)

Salesperson:  “The $39.99 drains and fills, but the $99.99 drains, fills, and flushes and that is what I recommend that you have done today.”

Okay so far so good. Besides the mumbling, the rapid speech, and talking to the clipboard, I’m about to buy a transmission fluid change for $39.99. But wait…

Just before I say let’s do it, he says…

Salesperson: “I would never do the $39.99 service its worthless.”

Hmmm so this nationally branded oil change business is trying to rip me off with a worthless service. Sounds like a quick call to the Better Business Bureau is needed here.

I didn’t call the BBB on this outlet. I knew he probably didn’t mean what he said. He was trying to sell me. But as a sales consultant I’m thinking about the impact on this chain’s business if this “salesperson” is doing this 15 times a day, 5 days a week! That is almost 4,000 bad sales pitches every year.

Heck, I tried to give them $39.99, now I’m going to give them a cold call on Monday morning. I think they could use just a little bit more sales training!

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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