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Atlanta sales consultingOne of the reasons why I like being an Atlanta Sales Consultant is that I get to work with companies that are in their infancy. Especially their sales infancy.

Lately I have been specializing as an Internet Sales Consultant. Most of the Internet web sites that I work with have a lot of traffic, some sales, some customer service, and a fair bit of automation. What most of these web sites are missing is enough revenue to stand on their own two feet.

By the time they get to me they have already optimized their sites (SEO or Search Engine Optimization) for their favorite Internet keywords. Sometimes they have a couple  hundred of these keywords being optimized. Also there is typically a lot of PPC (Pay for Clicks) happening as well. So there is qualified traffic.

My job as a sales consultant is to find the right path that will be used moving forward to monetize the site. I don’t try to reinvent the wheel. They know what they should be selling  however they really don’t know the best method to sell that product.

I’m working on a case right now that allows me to cold call other web sites trying to sell my client’s  backend services. It took me a little time to get the owner to see the light on the types of prospects we should be calling on. I’m going to proceed in this manner for at least a month then I’m going to send this prospecting to a call center to produce the leads.

If one person can show success gathering leads and closing sales image having 25 people calling  on this same sales path using a BPO (Business Process Outsource Company) for lead production.

What has struck me as unbelievable is that how hard the web sites that I’m trying call make it to get in touch with them. Why is it that people (webmasters, or web site owners) think that if you create a beautiful site that people will automatically follow your path and purchase exactly like you expected them to purchase.

I  bet  30% of the web sites I’m trying to call on don’t even  have a phone number. Are you kidding me, people buy from people they trust and you will not even give me your phone number?

Another 20%  either A: refuse to give you their email address or B: post the email address in a picture, or written  as “david (at) AtlantaSalesandConsulting (dot) com.” These  web sites are trying to MAKE SURE that you never contact them.

They are screaming at the top of their voice saying UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do we want to hear from you.

I know what they meant to say. I think they were trying to say that the best method to contact us is the contact form. But what they really said is DAMN IT, I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL!

Here’s the ironic point of it all. I’m going to find you, that is what I do. And when I do get you on the phone we are going to have a good conversation. That’s what I do. I make you feel comfortable, I make you want to listen, I give that warm and fuzzy that at least  allows me to carry on a conversation.

These web site owner must be made to understand that very few people will take the time to find them. And if they can’t get a hold of a person then how will the web site give them the warm and fuzzy that they need? Instead they are going to go… Click. They move away from these sites quickly and the site owners are left scratching their heads.

Okay that’s harsh but I spend a lot of time consulting with Internet web site owners on how to monetize their sites. Having me tell you to put your name, company name, address, phone number, and best email contact is not part of the money that you will pay me. If I don’t see at least that you don’t even get to talk to me about monetizing your web site.

Sorry, sales consultants like myself like to work with professional businesses. Just because you have a web site that is nice to look at doesn’t automatically make you a professional business.

So quit scratching your head, put your contact information on every page possible. Make it easy for prospects to get a hold of you.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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