New Hire Sales Training

new hire sales trainingI was rewriting my new hire sales training program last week to try to drill down to the basic points that can be achieved in a 2.5 day training seminar.

The sales process is not that complicated but it does take practice. Each of the process steps of Open, Probe, Pitch and Close could be a class on their own. However in a 2.5 day seminar each step becomes just a 3 hr class.

Within that 3 hours also comes role-playing on each step as well so each rep can practice the process. So I try to break down the 3 hour segment to 2 hours of teaching in an interactive manner and 1 hour of intense role-playing.

New hire sales people, especially those who have never sold anything need the basics of the sales process and they need the fundamental tasks that must be accomplished every day. Those fundamental tasks were spelled out in yesterday’s post.

The newly hired sales representatives should leave each step in the process with the basic understanding on WHY you need to move each sale in a specific direction. Also they need to leave knowing what happens if you skip or rush a particular segment of the sales process.

I have a lot of favorite sayings. Here’s another one –

“Watch out for the sale that closes a little to quickly, typically this means that A: Someone else around you has already educated the customer and they are going to be very mad that you just sold them or B: They just bought it and will probably return it when it doesn’t fulfil their needs.”

New hires need to stay on the path. It is always open, probe, pitch and close. Don’t rush the sales process or skip around on the process. Never open then close, or pitch then probe. It is a process for a reason.

Teach your new hire sales representatives to follow the path of the sales process. In the end they will be much more prepared for what is thrown at them on a daily basis.

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David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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