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Atlanta Sales TrainingSales is a process that can be taught.

We at Atlanta Sales Training believe that if you can get your sales department to learn the  sales process then you can be successful. No question about it… sales is a process that can be taught. So if you believe like we believe then not only can it be taught it can be learned and applied.

The sales process is OPEN, PROBE, PITCH and CLOSE. Pretty simple. There are about 900 different approaches to that sales process depending on who is doing the sales training. But in the end you have to do those 4 things well to succeed.

Around that sales process is also other “fundamental tasks” that must be accomplished on a daily basis. These include prospecting, lead tracking, follow-up both before and after the sale, product training, etc. These fundamental tasks happen daily if not hourly.

The fundamental tasks all support the sales process. The sales process is used as a guide to let you know where you are in the sale and what should happen next. The process if followed properly and in order will lead you right to a close.

If your sales department is having trouble closing the sale then maybe it should take a step back and ask the question of every prospect… “Just where is this  prospect in the sales process?” You may find that you are NOT having trouble with closing you are having other process issues.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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