For it to work you have to use it!

New hire sales training Atlanta, you should be workingI know the picture is a little over the top but I was just reading a post on and it made me think of sales reps just not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

The post on the other blog was just how much technology has changed everything we do in sales. I agree the technology has really advanced everyone’s knowledge. As an example, by searching the Internet, your prospect will certainly know as much as you know if they do their homework.

And lead generation and lead nurturing have advanced beyond everyone’s dreams with the new CRM tools on the market today. So why is it that sales reps still don’t use the tools available to them? I mean really, back in the day I didn’t have ACT! or I had 3×5 index cards to track my prospects.

Today’s lead tracking tools are incredible and getting better but it’s still the hard-working sales rep that takes the time to USE the tools.

How do I know they are not being effectively used???

During every Atlanta new hire sales training class I ask all the reps to bring their lists of prospects into the training. I use this as their homework. I want to know if they even have a list. What am I going to do with their lists… I’m going to quiz them on what they know about each cold, medium, and hot lead on their call sheet for the day. If they are using the tools then they should know the answers to the quiz.

You can’t be sleeping all day in sales. You need to be working. This work includes updating your lead tracking software. For these new tools to work you have to use them.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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