Just Keep Calling

sales advice just keep callEvery sales manager says it and all sales reps say it to each other up. The phrase… “Just make one more sales call.”

It’s tough to keep calling. If you have been at it for a couple of hours with limited success then it would be easy to quit for the day. Back in the day, I could see it in my reps body language and hear it in their voices when they were ready to quit for the day. I would be walking the sales floor and yep, I would say… “Just make one more call.”

I know its tough but this is sales. If it was easy everyone would do it. As it is everyone seems to try their hand in sales at one time or another. Most fail. The profession can be rewarding with unbelievable highs when sales are good, and unbelievable lows when sales down. However the successful sales representative will make that next call.

What brought this topic up this week is that I was making calls, the day before Thanksgiving and it was going okay. A few good warm leads came out of my work but nothing fantastic. As any sales manager, sales trainer, or sales rep will tell you outbound calling around the holidays is tough work. No one is in, and the ones that are in are thinking about the holiday not work.

I was just about to pack it in when I  forced myself to make one more sales call. I went back to my list and started dialing. Then BAM: I caught a whale. What are the chances of catching a hot lead, much less a whale, at 4pm Thanksgiving Eve? Not good, but then again the more calls you make the more chances you have of catching anything.

Again, It’s tough. Sales is a tough profession. To be successful you have to make the next call regardless of what  has happen over your last few hours.

I don’t know that you can teach this to new hires in the sales profession it’s more of an attitude. I don’t know if it is your job to get them to make that next call. They have to want to succeed and the only way to do that is to have them call even when they are tired. You can teach them this, but the newly hired sales associates have to want to do it if it is really going to get done.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting, Atlanta New Hire Sales Training



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