Confidence = Sales

to gain confidence you have to use what you sellI was reading a blog post a few minutes ago that dealt with the issue of sales people “self-destructing.” He called it self sabotage. I call it lack of confidence

In order to sell you have to know your product. Inside and Out – NO EXCEPTIONS. I repeat you have to know your product. Yes it is up to the company to train you on the product but it always up to the sales representative to LEARN the product.

It is not enough for you to sit in a classroom and daydream through the obligatory sales and product training. After the sales training is over it is up to you to use the product so you can fully understand how it works. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Your prospects are going to be firing objection after objection your way. If you don’t know exactly how the product works then may I suggest the classified ads or maybe  a new head hunter because  you will be moving on in a few short months.

Today’s professional sales people are really good at what they do. You need to be just as good. The only way to speak intelligently and speak confidently about your product is through company product training and through self-study. Self-study must include you using the product that you are trying to sell.

If you don’t sound confident about your product then the professional sales representative will win the order every time.

Here’s a tip… Confidence = Sales

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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