Budget and Time Frame

budget and time framesI’m guilty of this one. Sales 101 says… You have to (HAVE TO) get your prospect to specify their budget and time frame before you try to move forward.

I know this, I preach this, I teach this, yet here I was last week wondering what happened to my prospect. I sent them the proposal on exactly what they said they needed. In fact I know and they know that they need this service. So what happened?

It boils down to their budget and their time frame. Even though they were in a hurry with an incredible sense of urgency when it came down to sign the contract the objections started flying.

I know better. This is sales 101. What tripped me up was the incredible sense of urgency. Money was flying in so many directions that I didn’t think that this little bill would be an issue. Whoops… my bad! Turns out the owner was getting so many little bills that it became overwhelming.

If you have ever owned a small business then you know what he was going through. I should have clarified the time frame and the budget for the project before moving forward.

You know what this is… this is a reminder that I will be discussing in every single training class that I teach. Hey I made a mistake. I might as well use it to help others.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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