Cold Calling – The Gatekeeper

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The gatekeeper…

The gatekeeper instills fear to every cold caller except me. Here’s the way I look at it: Gatekeeping is a job, and a damn powerful one as well. Get past the gatekeeper and you have a shot at millions of dollars. Get shut down by the gatekeeper and you get to move on with your tail between your legs, your hopes  smashed by someone who probably makes less than $50k a year.

With that being said gatekeepers are people. Your job in getting past the gatekeeper is to try to build rapport quickly with them. Try these small tips:

  1. Listen to exactly what the gatekeeper is saying.
    • Don’t put words in their mouth and DO NOT talk over them.
  2. How does the gatekeeper sounds to you (old/young/southern/etc).
    • You may want to mimic their dialect.
  3. Empathize immediately to begin building rapport.
    • If you hear anything that you can use to start a conversation then by all means start using it.
  4. Be friendly and respectful – try to have fun.
    • Remember you are not the only one calling or interrupting their day today.
  5. Be Concise.
    •  Do not waste their time. If you want to have a bad day waste a gatekeepers time.
  6. Ask for the gatekeepers help.
    • My favorite method of getting past this person.
  7. Sometimes you have to punt and move on.
    • There are a lot more fish in the sea don’t take it personally.
  8. Always remember this is THEIR job.
    • If they don’t keep the gate closed they don’t get to keep their job!

Personally the one I use is to ask for the gatekeepers help. To me if you sound sincere and ask for their help the gatekeeper will move you on in your sales process. You might not get exactly where you wanted to go but… at least you move past that darn closed gate.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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