bpo call centerOkay, what is it? What exactly is a BPO?

BPO is the acronym for Business Process Outsourcing.  The BPO’s function is to take on the responsibility of routine repetitive jobs that are labor intensive. As an example world-class businesses need to focus on their core best practices. Is it really cost-effective for a lumber company to build and staff a call center for inbound customer service billing questions?

30 years ago the answer would have been a resounding YES. However, technology and productivity has changed so fast that now the answer is a resounding NO. The development of call routing, IVRs, IP-based phone systems, the Internet, call monitoring software, call recording software, data collection,  and a host of other productivity enhancing technologies have enabled a single BPO to handle multiple customers at one time.

To make it more interesting today a single call center associate could be handling a payment processing call for customer #1, while a customer service call for customer #2 is being handled through a live chat… both at the same time. As soon as that chat session ends the next one pops up. As soon as that payment processing call ends the call center associate gets a little whisper in their ear telling them about the next call they are about to receive.

The moral of the story is BPO’s allow more routine business functions to be done with less personnel. If you outsource your routine business functions, like payment processing to a BPO then you will NOT have to:

  1. Hire payment processing personnel
  2. Pay for their benefits
  3. Hire a training staff to train them on payment processing
  4. Budget or expense any funds for recruiting the personnel
  5. Hire a manager to supervise their activities
  6. Expand your HR department for all of the above reasons… OR
  7. We haven’t even touched on the build out of the technology or the technical personnel you would need to run a call center of your own. 

Years ago the big craze was to outsource routine business functions like payment processing, or credit card processing overseas. The American public is still not crazy about this thought. Luckily there are plenty of BPO call centers in the U.S. that can handle these types of needs.

If you have been thinking about outsourcing to a U.S. company and you don’t know where to start then my advice is to start by clicking here.

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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