A New Type of Sales Training

sales_trainingIn an article I wrote for Altanta Sales and Consulting on a new approach to conducting sales training.

I wrote “I would like to say to all of those sales trainers that I have had a privilege to work with that you all did a good if not great job at delivering your training program. These all encompassing training platforms and processes are terrific but… they rarely get to or they don’t spend enough time on the problems of the sales department.”

It boils down to 1 simple rule: Train on what needs to be fix, don’t try to reinvent the entire sales process.

Imagine spending $10’s of $1,000’s of dollars on a sales training program and have the sales reps leave feeling like it was a waste of time.

The new approach that was created by Atlanta Sales and Consulting is to focus on the strenght and weaknesses of the individual reps, the best and worst practices of your sales department, and to learn your exact sales process.

From there they will then build a new sales training program based on fixing what is broke. You can read about it here.

PS: They also claim this new sales training will produce immediate sales results!


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