Coworkers Arguing

coworkers_arguingCan you have a worse day? You get just about through your entire day and here comes trouble walking into your office. One sales representative can’t get along with a coworker. They are actually arguing today. Somedays they just ignore each other. Other days they spread their karma throughout the entire call center.

Sales reps who are not involved feel uncomfortable. As a sales manager you have to do something. If you let it fester I guarantee it will get worse and you will get more involved.

Here are the minimum steps that you will need to take with all of the workers involved:

  1. Identify the problem as seen from both sides. Make sure you understand the complete issue.
  2. Document the problem to be used for this corrective action and the EOY evaluations.
  3. Make a judgement call on who is causing the problem. In a lot of cases both employees are the problem.
  4. This is a working environment bring both employees together to allow them to speak with each other in private while you moderate. This will be the last discussion on this issue.
  5. Disciplinary action. Some form of formal discipline must take place for both employees.
  6. If it continues terminate the employees.

Did he really write terminate the employees? Yes I did… When your employees work in an office environment you cannot have two or more employees effecting the entire sales floor.

Regardless of the issue: Office romance gone bad, sales reps accused of stealing sales, just a spat over the smell of cologne – you name it I have heard and seen it all. Regardless of the issue if in the end the two sales representatives cannot work together it will spill onto your entire sales floor.

Once it spills onto the sales floor your productivity just tanked. The easy fix for all of this is to hire professional sales people. Professionals may not like the person next to them but they can always work with them.

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