More Activity vs. Sales Activity

busyWhen sales for individual representatives are down I tend to look directly at their specific efforts. A lot of times what you will find is that the sales rep is so busy they have papers flying and desks so cluttered that you may find yesterday’s left over lunch if you look hard enough.

Determining by looking at effort alone at what is up (since sales sales are down) can be a bit challenging.

Many times it is not the sales representatives efforts that should be in question. The question should be what are those efforts accomplishing? I used to have an old sales manager that said just about every hour “…what are doing right now to get the check?”

In other words what are you doing right now to produce sales? If you let them sales reps will work themselves to death on things that really don’t need to be worked. They will take on every project, every training, and every meeting that arises. But at the end of the day they are hired to sell – thus the name, sales representative.

This is a management problem not a sales rep issue. If sales are down for one or more of your representatives take a look the activities being generated by their efforts. Are they actually sales related?

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