shhh_stop_talkingI was listening to a sales pitch the other day and I noticed that I could not get a word in edge wise. I couldn’t comment, ask questions, or even ask this particular sales person to slow down. I couldn’t say a single thing.

The interesting thing about this particular product was that I was interested in the product. Yet the sales pitch was so bad that I couldn’t wait to get away from him and his product.

Why do salespeople think that if they talk faster, talk more, or talk over their prospects that the chances are greater that an actual sale will occur? If anything the chances are more remote.

If you catch yourself doing all of the talking in your next sales call my advice is to take an immediate breath and then apologize to the prospect with a simple statement like this:

“Mr. Smith I just realize that I have been speaking at 150 MPH, you probably have a thousand questions why don’t I sit and listen to your needs for the next few minutes”

That is a pretty simple statement that will tell the prospect that you realize you have messed up AND the prospect may have a new respect for you and your product. Take a deep breath and shhh….

David Peterson – President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting

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