Introducing MotorMouth. An easy, fun, and free app that records and tags your voice


Introducing MotorMouth. An easy, fun, and free app that records and tags your voice wherever you are. Listen in as your location comes alive with the sound of others who have left their voice nearby.

Now we’re talkin’!

Wouldn’t you love to know what’s happening where you are right now and have it be as easy as listening to the radio? Why search and sift through a maze of irrelevant information when MotorMouth automatically streams audio that was recorded around you?

MotorMouth allows users to record voiceprints at a specific location using their current location, date, and time. Then, as other MotorMouth users pass near the spot where the message was recorded, the voiceprint automatically plays! Reviews, comments, trivia, notifications, reminders, warnings, and other relevant information are played automatically; all without typing or reading.

A media app that is truly social

  • This app is perfect for learning more about where you are: wherever that may be! As you travel, nearby voiceprints are delivered and played automatically.
  • Soon, MotorMouth will include features such as “Groups”, which will allow you to define specific lists of MotorMouth users to listen to – no matter where they are located.
  • MotorMouth is completely free and available on the App Store. MotorMouth works with iOS 5 or newer, and is optimized for iOS 7.

Real voices from real people. MotorMouth allows you to:

  • Automatically stream audio clips made by MotorMouth users near your current location.
  • Leave your own voiceprints for others to hear.
  • Get the inside scoop at locations you may otherwise be unfamiliar with.
  • Share your recordings on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Eliminate the need for text searching or typing while driving.
  • Express yourself!
  • Use the new “Follow” feature to bond with celebrities by hearing them in their own voice.

We want to know what you think! – Please don’t hesitate share your thoughts, comments, or suggestions with us. Visit us on Facebook at

The Angry Poos are back and hotter than ever!


The Angry Poos are back and hotter than ever! Angry Poo 2 – Escape From Uranus gets released into the Android Market

DALLAS, TX – September 13, 2013 – The Angry Poo Space saga continues on as everyone’s favorite unlikely space heroes are back for an all new zany adventure.

The newest installment of the hilarious independently developed Android game ‘Angry Poo Space’ surprisingly resulted in the developer’s success story featured in an article published on the Samsung Developers website earlier this year. It promises all new action packed game play in a flaming race to space. Angry Poo 2 – Escape From Uranus returns players to the Poos quest to reach the planet Poo-Topia and escape the cold ceramic clutches of King Loo and his villainess toilet army!

Disaster strikes as Flamer Poo finds himself separated from his gang of brown buddies and stranded on the planet Uranus. To make matters worse he’s been spotted by the evil King Loo who is bound and determined to catch him and Flush him up.  How on earth are you supposed to get away without even having a pair of Tiny Wings to help you fly?  Luckily you’re now on Uranus which is a world full of beautiful colored hills.  You must use these hills to gain speed and flame up, then you’ll feel like you can fly.  Just use the simple one touch game controls to help Flamer Poo escape from Uranus and reunite him with his fart powered friends so they can travel to Poo-Topia and beyond!

Angry Poo 2 – Escape from Uranus delivers all the hilarious sound effects, animation and downright inappropriate fun of the original game, in a completely different yet familiar style of game play.

You can find the original Angry Poo Space in addition to Angry Poo 2 – Escape from Uranus for free in the Android App Store.  Both of the apps will work on all Android devices running OS 2.2 or later.

Fans can also get their fix of inappropriate witty humor out of Angry Poo via Social Media by connecting with them on Facebook ( and Twitter (@Angrypoospace) as well as the website at

Just when you thought life could get back to normal – the Angry Poos are back and this time it’s Poo-sonal!

About the Developer:
Nicholas Grant is an Indie iOS & Android App Developer with published projects now spread across multiple App markets. He released his first game in 2011 using the open source iOS based framework called Cocos2D.  Since then he created several other iOS titles in both the iOS App Store as well as the iOS jailbroken market known as Cydia.  The purpose of his games should be remarkably obvious.  The goal is to make you laugh out loud like a kid again.

With the help of a Samsung Apps sponsored developer program he ported many of his iOS games over to the Android Platform with the help of the Stella SDK.  The Samsung sponsored developer program aimed to aid successful iOS Developers port their apps over to the Android market, and publish them in the Samsung Apps for Android. His success using this tool to port over his game Angry Poo Space resulted in an article getting published by Samsung Developers in January 2013.  This also led to Angry Poo Space getting featured in over 20 Samsung Apps markets last March.  This helped the game become a true success story and reach the Samsung Apps #1 position in several categories in 16 countries including the US.

Media Contact:
Nicholas Grant
The Indie App Cartel, LLC
Dallas, TX


7 New Apps to Being Delivered this Week: 9-10-2013


[Atlanta, GA] September 10, 2013: The PR Guys Promote Your App campaign is announcing these 7 new applications that are being released to the market this week.

This week’s newest releases are:

* iCountTimer
* GraphMe
* Sand Slider
* Candy Madness
* Quizdojo
* QuickCure
* 1 Word in 4 Pics

App Name: iCountTimer
Development Company: Mithil
App URL:
App Description: Simple, elegant and fast interval (timer + counter) app for exercise enthusiasts to boost their workouts.

App Name: GraphMe
Development Company: Marcos Alan Gonzalez Schtulmann
App URL:
App Description: iPhone version of our graphing app that allows you to plot real-valued functions, trajectories and vector fields. Includes amazing retina graphics.

App Name: Sand Slider
Development Company: Swiss Grooves
App URL:
App Description: “Sand Slider” is a NEW addictive game on the iOS platform. It’s entertaining for all age groups. Those who maintain focus will achieve success.

App Name: Candy Madness
Development Company: Lewis McFadden
App URL:
App Description: Candy Madness is a brain busting puzzle game!

App Name: Quizdojo
Development Company: Pty Ltd
App URL:
App Description: Pass your exam with Quizdojo. Turn your PDF notes into an instant quiz to assess yourself for exam preparation.

App Name: QuickCure
Development Company: PaperPlanes
App URL:
App Description: QuickCure is a beautifully designed iPhone app that provides clear and concise home remedies to help you treat ailments.

App Name: 1 Word in 4 Pics
Development Company: Algooh Entertainment
App URL:
App Description: Unlimited Free Coins. Ads free game…Guess the word we are looking for? Each puzzle contains four pictures that have something in common – 1 Word in 4 Pics, Ad Free Game. High quality Game plays with Retina Display! Every Device has unique Game play….and Random Levels.

About The PR Guys:
The PR Guys PROMOTE YOUR APP campaign is an effort to help small and medium sized app manufacturers get noticed. They use their large distribution network of news outlets to produce press releases announcing the new applications for the week. The app owners get the opportunity to describe their new application and the service is free to use. The PR Guys reserves the right to exclude new apps from the weekly press releases due to content. You can register for your own free press release by filling out the form on the right side of our blog. For more information visit:

Media Contact:
David Peterson
Managing Partner, The PR Guys


Printable Area Code List

Printable Area Code List

Printable Area Code List

If you are like me and make a lot of phone calls then you are keenly aware of area codes and time zones. There’s nothing worst than calling back a contact and waking him up because he’s in California. There is a  new website that has created a printable area code list that is free. They have set it up as a database so you can search by city, state, or time zone; or you can just type in the area code to get you answer. The database is up to date and free to use.Personally I’m not always on the computer so I carry a copy of the area code lists in my briefcase. The website has two ways to get your personal printable area code list.

You can:

  1. Just hit the easy to use “Print Screen” Button provided at the top of the page or
  2. Just hit the download button and get a free printable area code list via pdf download. That download can be saved to your hard drive for future use or print it just like normal.

I use the database a lot, it is always up to date and they post funny tidbits about particular  area codes just for the heck of it. This website is fast and easy to use. The navigation is simple and the database loads extremely quickly. It is built for business.They even created a web video to show you how to use the database… just in case. I can’t imagine anyone not being able to use it but you never know.

Visit for your free printable area code list

Solar Installers Tallahassee FL

Tallahassee Solar Installers

Solar Energy in Tallahassee has amazing potential. The above photo was created by to show the production of a 1MW solar energy plant in the Tallahassee area. Corporate Sales Advice is promoting solar energy in North Florida and it wants to give readers an accurate view of what can be accomplished in the realm of energy efficiency.

This photo is of PV Watts which is a quick and easy tool created by NREL to show solar energy production throughout the US. Tallahassee Solar Energy has created a simple video on the PV Watts output and how you interpret the data. You can see the video by clicking here.

Energy efficient projects are important to Corporate America and solar energy in general is growing. Did you know that there are almost twice as many professionals working in the solar energy  sectors as are working in coal production? No kidding it’s 120K working in solar to about 70K working in coal.

My advice if you have business in the N. Florida area is to call out a solar installer from Tallahassee to at least see what can be done at your corporate facility. I can’t hurt to check on pricing, sizes, and the amount of energy you need to offset.

Solar Energy = Savings

 Solar Installer at Tallahassee Solar Energy

We would assume by now that your business has done just about everything it can to lower its electrical costs. Considering electric bills are rising at around 6% a year you probably need to do something right now.

By now your plant manager has probably replaced the warehouse lighting to new efficient bulbs or at least looking at the new LED lighting options. They have probably put the office lights on a timer, put remote light sensors in for individual offices, powered down all the computers during non working hours. You have probably turned up the thermostat in the summer and lowered it to 68 in the winter. Sealed up all drafts in the building and are hammering your local utility energy representative to manage your electric rate plan more effectively.

In the solar energy world we call this “Low Hanging Fruit.” All of the above are the energy efficiency items that should be done, need to be done if you are going to lower your energy costs. What’s Next?

Next is Solar Energy!

Most of the energy efficiency projects listed above have a very quick payoff. That’s why your plant manager focused on them first. Each of the above projects has a marginal effect on your energy bill. As an example your lighting retrofit saves about 30% of energy on every light you convert but maybe you don’t have enough lights to make a big dent in the bill or you didn’t notice the savings. You know it works, its just not noticeable.

Solar Energy is one of those products you can purchase that allows you to DECIDE how much energy you want to offset. Basically the more panels you put on your roof or into the ground next to your factory the more energy you offset. To put it in perspective in the Tallahassee, Fl area a 1MW solar plant takes only about 6 acres yet it will offset 1,314,609 KWH AC of energy per year – that is 1,314MWH/yr!

I’m not sure if you could replace enough lights to equal that amount.

Corporate Sales Advice has been studying solar energy in the North Floridia area, specifically Tallahassee, Fl. We just want to point out that YES solar energy works in Tallahassee but actually New Jersey & New York have more solar energy installed than FL. The point is solar works everywhere in the United States!

If you want to know more about solar energy or find a Tallahassee Solar Installer visit They have a lot of information on tax and utility solar incentives for that area and can find you a great solar installer.

In the meantime do all of the low hanging energy efficient project now. When you are finished consider solar energy.

Emergency Call Center

In business you never know what’s going to happen; case in point – look at the Cypress Banking Crisis happening right now. The phone lines at those institutions are no doubt ringing off the hook.

Whatever the crisis:

  • Severe Weather
  • Denial of Service
  • Website Down
  • Product Tampering
  • Sex Scandal
  • C – Level Replacement
  • Product Recall

Whatever the issue the only thing that you know is going to happen is that something will eventually go wrong. Where do you turn when your phone starts ringing off the hook and you can’t handle the internal call volume?

Turn to Proactive Call Centers. This company provides emergency call center service. They can be up and running within 24 hrs with a bilingual English/Spanish crew. They are professional, caring, and empathetic to your customers needs.

Not only does Proactive Call Centers offer inbound emergency call center service they offer outbound customer retention for short term emergency purposes. When your company finds itself in a little trouble and your phone is ringing off the hook visit

Here is a quick youtube video on the service

Monthly Bill Organization Used To Be Simple

It used to be simpler… Back-in-the-day when people used to write checks paying the monthly bills seamed a lot simpler. Here was the procedure: 

  • The bills came in the mail (we call that snail mail today)
  • You opened them
  • You filed them according to due date
  • You wrote all of the checks maybe twice a month in the evening
  • You then placed the checks in the provided envelopes
  • You wrote the due date on the back of the envelopes
  • You doubled checked to make sure you put the right check in the right envelope,  quickly sealing the envelope after the double check
  • You put the stamps on the envelopes so they were immediately ready to get into the mail
  • Then you waited until the due date?
  • You mailed it on the date it was DUE, probably floating a few days of credit due to the actual delivery of the mail

Floating checks was a cool benefit of the olden days but I’ll trade that for modern online banking any day. Just the thought of not having to balance a checkbook is worth it. 

What I really liked about the olden days was that you only got letters or monthly bills in the mail, maybe you got an occasional catalogue.  On top of that you always knew which bills would be coming and how much they would be. Maybe you got 10 pieces of mail a month.

Not today, it probably feels more like 100 pieces of mail, mostly junk mail arrive to your snail mail box every single month.

Today your monthly bills are probably all mixed up. You get some of them via snail mail, some via email. If you want your monthly bills to be organized again just like those simpler times my advice is for you to get one dedicated email address, dedicated to JUST BILLS.

Don’t give out this new email address to anyone but your vendors. Keep it a secret. Don’t give it to your sister, your mother, your Facebook friends, not to anyone but your vendors.

Here is a service that does just that. Check out As the name implies here is a service for JUST BILLS.

Getting Organized

Bills Only

When you run a small business there are no shortages of “Gotchas!” that creep up around every corner. One of the ways to keep the Gotchas! from getting out of hand is to stay organized. Organizational skills are the key to knowing what is happening in your business.

The area that probably needs the most attention is in the bookkeeping department. Just the sheer amount of paperwork that needs to be completed to file your quarterly taxes is enough to drive most small business people batty. Add in the amount of mail that comes into your office and I bet you find yourself wondering how to stay on top of it all.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. I bet you rarely mail things today, maybe a bill here or there. Most modern accounting programs allow you to email your invoices. In the future you can bet most company’s will skip the postage and opt for electronic mail.

Receiving invoices via email and paying those emails through your banks Bill-Pay features is a real time saver and it keeps you organized. As your bills come in your can immediately file them in your electronic vendor files. Never loose a paper bill again!

The same applies to your personal life as well. Every company wants you to go paperless. What they really want to do is stop the snail mail which cost them real money in printing, handling, and the postage on all of those bills. The difference between getting electronically organized using email in your business and your home is that your company has a permanent email address. That email address should really never change – unless you change your business name why would you change your email at your address?

On the flipside you may have only one business email address but I be you have 5 personal email addresses all meant to be “permanent” that you set up at different times. You probably have a yahoo email, a gmail email, and aol email and a host of others you have forgotten about.

I think I found a way out of this email mess of multiple permanent emails, get an email address specifically for bills. Here’s one it’s called The object of BillsOnly is simple, create one family email address that you know will only receive bills. Contact your gas company, mortgage, electric company, car loan, lawn service, and credit card company and give them this new email address. Then on the 15th and 30th of every month log-in and see who’s sent you a bill. Pay them and drop the paid emails into folders to keep them forever.

To stay organized don’t give out that email address to anyone but a vendor or service provider that bills your family.

Even though would work for businesses to help them get organized the concept is the same. In a business you use your one business email address to receive your electronic invoices. In your personal life you need that same one permanent address to recieve your bills for the next 50 years. Check out

Travelers Tip – Area Code 706 Columbus GA

When you are heading down I-85 and you are ready to make that turn onto I-185 towards Columbus, GA you have better check on 2 items before hitting the ramp. These are:

  1. Gas
  2. McDonalds

Columbus, GA shares area code 706 with Augusta. Which for those who know the state those two cities are very far apart. There is only pasture land, pine trees, and cotton between them. So when hitting I-185 make sure you have eaten and that you have gas otherwise you have at least 20 miles before you get anything that resembles choices for either item.

 Once in Columbus go all the way down to Front Street you will see a charming little southern town.

 Travelers Tips from: